Copy Machine - Max for Live Instrument

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Copy Machine Max for Live Device:

Copy Machine takes an audio file and plays back multiple copies of it simultaneously.

Each copy plays back at a different speed / pitch, negative playback speeds are possible and will result in that copy being played in reverse.

You can select up to 32 copies.

Copy Machine decides the playback speed of the copies according to the mode selected. You can choose between the different modes by clicking on any of the 5 icons below the waveform display. The currently selected mode will appear orange and all others will appear gray.

DEV1 - All copies will play at a random speed either faster or slower than the base pitch. The range of this deviation is determined by you. DEV1 is capable of copies at nearly the same pitch, creating a blurring effect somewhat similar to chorus. Moving to a larger range quickly takes the effect far beyond, creating very random effects. By default the deviations from the base pitch are re-generated at every note, you can lock in the last deviation values by pressing the Lock button in the lower left hand side of the UI.

DEV2 - The same as DEV1 except more extreme. A wider range of playback speed deviation is available resulting in a more chaotic sound and usually more copies playing in reverse.

HARM - All copies will play at speeds determined by ratios of a harmonic series. With the control at 64 the natural harmonic series is closely imitated, adding additional copies can sound like an increase in the number of audible partials. This behavior creates a coupling of rhythm and pitch in just-intonation, similar to the behavior of the Rhythmicon.

SubH - Similar to HARM but with the more mysterious Subharmonic series, I honestly don't even get it, it just sounds cool.

EXPO - The playback speed of all copies is based on an exponential curve. The range knob adjusts the exponent.

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Copy Machine - Max for Live Instrument

105 ratings
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